Largemouth Bass



Scientific Name: Micropterus salmoides

Origin: Introduced

Adult Size: The typical largemouth bass in Maine is 12-16 inches long and weigh 1-3 pounds, with occasional fish up to 7-8 pounds.

Identification:  Largemouths are dark olive green on the back with light green sides shading to a white belly. A dark mottled band extends along the sides. The upper part of the mouth extends past the eye. Smallmouth bass are similar in appearance, but the upper jaw ends below the eye.

  • Largemouths were introduced into Maine sometime during the early 1900’s although the exact time of the first introductions is unknown.
  • The largemouth thrives in shallow, warm, weedy, mud-bottom ponds and sluggish streams.
  • Nesting activities commence during late spring or early summer when water temperatures reach 63º F.
  • The male largemouth constructs and guards the nest during incubation and for a short time after the young emerge from the eggs.
  • Often several female bass spawn in a single nest.
  • Female bass usually contain from 2,000 to 7,000 eggs per pound of body weight.
  • Largemouth thrive on crayfish, frogs, and small fish.

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