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DESCRIPTION: Androscoggin Guide Service (AGS) specializes in float trips on the Androscoggin River for small mouth bass, rainbow trout, and brown trout. AGS guides in some of the most beautiful lakes and ponds in Maine. Large mouth bass, small mouth bass, brook trout, lake trout, and landlocked salmon can be found in these special places. Quite often, on some of the ponds we will travel to, there are no houses and often we will be the only boat on the water.The Androscoggin River has some of the best small-mouth bass fishing in the East. Brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout all thrive in this river, and some of these fish can grow over 5 pounds. The average size is 12 to 15 inches for the bass, but larger ones are common.For fly fisherman, the river can offer the thrill of seeing bass blow up on a fly, one after another. In shallow water there is nothing like it! The Androscoggin runs clear so you can see a bass come from under a rock and hit a fly, then...hang on! An 18-inch smallie doesn't like to give up, and will make several runs before you get them to the boat. I have custom designed flies which work exceptionally well for catching small mouth bass.I often guide with a 16 foot Crestliner Jon boat which is extremely versatile and stable. The Jon boat is a real workhorse, floating the river or traveling from one good spot to another. It allows for easy access to out of the way water and small ponds which can be a lot of fun. I also use 14 foot aluminum boats and a 16 foot square stern canoe for special locations. Let's go fishing!

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Androscoggin Guide Service
Registered Maine Guide: Albert Lane
154 Winter Hill Road -
Carthage, ME 04224

Phone: 207-418-5558
Website: http://androscogginguide.webs.com

Androscoggin Guide Service

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