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I started camping and hiking over 30 years ago when I started going with my wife and her family. Soon after I expanded this to include fishing for bass in Southern Maine. I now have a passion for smallmouth bass fishing in the Downeast region. As my wife and I started growing a family, we began taking the kids outdoors. I would take my family fishing. I feel we raised kids that today enjoy the outdoors. I now have a granddaughter that spends time with me chasing fish. Taking kids fishing has helped me learn how to patiently explain and encourage someone when they are building skills. In a lot of my fishing I am self taught. If I can help someone shorten the learning curve I would find that to be a success. I have hired guides in other areas of the world when traveling. I have had both good and bad experiences. I have learned from this as a way to make a better experience for others. To me, watching someone who usually doesn't go fishing catch a fish is fun. The smile that lights up their face is priceless. I find it natural to me to explain and demonstrate new skills to someone to help them grow.


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Big Lake Dreams Guide Service
Registered Maine Guide: Joe Dacey
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Big Lake Dreams Guide Service

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