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Great Gadzooks Maine Striper and Tidewater Fishing invites you to experience Striped Bass fishing on the beautiful Maine coast. Captain Johan Brouwer, a Registered Maine Guide, has fished Maine waters for Striped Bass and Bluefish for many years. The boat is based out of Bath Maine on the famous Kennebec River. Maine's Kennebec River has one of New England's few native Striped Bass populations. The lower Kennebec is a tidal river that has many bays, estuaries, and adjoining rivers. It holds vast quantities of baitfish that lure in large and hungry schools of Striped Bass, and Bluefish. The fishing is outstanding. It is nearly impossible to spend any amount of time on the Kennebec without noticing that you are in a remarkable place. You are likely to see Eagles, Seals, Turns and a wide variety of Ducks and Gulls. Our Parker CC1800 is a perfect boat for the Kennebec River. It is safe, stable and can sneak into shallow waters looking for feeding Stripers. Top Quality tackle is provided. We have fly equipment, but fishermen are encouraged to bring their favorite rods and reels.


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Great Gadzooks Tidewater Fishing
Registered Maine Guide: Capt. Johan Brouwer
132 Dummer St. -
Bath, ME 04530

Phone: 207-720-0857

Great Gadzooks Tidewater Fishing

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